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At Ocean Life Studio, we’re passionate about getting the most out of life, and we know being your best is the best way to get it. This means focusing on physical and mental wellness so you can be present, energized, and up for whatever adventures life throws your way. 

Ocean Life Studio

With over two decades of experience in a variety of fitness and nutrition options, we pride ourselves in being about to serve North Beach with some of the most fun, engaging, and wellness-enhancing classes you’ll find.

At our gym in North Beach Miami we offer yoga, boxing and kickboxing classes, Crossfit, Zumba, Capoeira, barre, Salsa, Tai-Chi and more. We have classes for children and adults alike, and offer classes for seniors looking to stay in shape and maintain their health.

Gym in North Beach Miami

Ocean Life Studio offers several guided fitness classes for all ages and provides access to personal trainers, but we also have an open gym in North Beach where you can workout according to your own plan, routine, and rhythm.

At our facilities, you’ll have access to equipment in support of your cardio routine, strength training and weight lifting, equipment for stretching and flexibility, and more. We also have dieticians on staff that you can schedule an appointment with so the impacts of your exercise routines can be amplified by nutrition.

Benefits of Open Gym Access

While attending our classes each come with their own sets of benefits, engaging in your own workout routine has its benefits to. They include:

The freedom to choose when to workout

Schedule flexibility around other important areas of life

Gets you out of the house and away from the lure of the couch

Access to the equipment and exercises that work best for your body

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Ocean Life Studio provides a boutique fitness experience with unique class designs aimed at creating joy and convenience around your health.

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