Kids Yoga & Capoeira Classes

in North Beach, Miami

In Capoeira, children learn discipline, self-confidence, self-defense, and a bit about Brazilian cultural all while having fun. In Yoga, they learn peaceful skills to deal with emotions like anxiety or anger, in addition to working on flexibility and discipline.

At Ocean Life Studio

We offer the best Kids Yoga and Capoeira in North Beach Miami so your kids can have fun while building confidence, discipline, and flexibility.


Kids Yoga & Capoeira in North Beach

We provide kids with a unique opportunity to learn Capoeira and Yoga in North Beach. For parents looking to enhance their children’s bodies and minds through new channels and experiences, this may be the answer!

Health Benefits of Yoga and Capoeira Classes

Our North Beach Capoeira classes have many benefits, including:


Increased strength, endurance, agility, and flexibility


Community and social connections, strengthening of respect and communication


Intense cardio workout with high calorie burns


Confidence in self-expression, as Capoeira is an art form


Stress-reduction and endorphine-release


Cultural expansion and soulful connection in learning this art’s meaningful history

If you’re interested in learning more about how our teachers approach kids classes, please give us a call. As Yoga and Capoeira are disciplines that people may choose to study over long periods of time, understanding your teacher’s long-term approach ahead of time may give you a good foundation from which to begin. Starting off in a place of comfort where you can build rapport with your teacher will aid in that foundation.

Beyond developing coordination, balance, and confidence, Capoeira and Yoga help kids gain a mastery over their bodies that will build and maintain a sense of fluidity over their movements, strengthen their balance, and enjoy acrobatic play. All while having fun.

Our studio offers a boutique fitness experience with unique class designs aimed at making health and wellness both fun and convenient.

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