Boxing and Kickboxing

in North Beach, Miami

At Ocean Life Studio, we believe getting fit and healthy should be fun. That’s why we’re passionate about offering boxing and kickboxing in North Beach Miami. Combining cardio and strength training, our kickboxing and boxing classes aim to give you a full workout without the boring dread you might otherwise have when thinking about working out.

Ocean Life Studio

Offers boxing and kickboxing in North Beach Miami, including Muay Thai, or “Thai boxing” classes.

Muay Thai boxing was developed hundreds of years ago to use the whole body as a weapon. Through this discipline you can learn to use your hands as a sword, your shins and forearms as armor, your elbows as a hammer, and your legs as an axe. This particular discipline of boxing, as well as others, provides an opportunity to get a full body workout, strengthen your mental toughness, and learn new ways to develop agility, stamina, and overall health.


Benefits of Kickboxing Classes

If you’re looking to move quick on your feet, burn some calories, move every part of your body, and get a total body workout, let us tell you more about our boxing and kickboxing in North Beach Miami.

While kickboxing targets all corners of your body, it also helps hone your concentration and quiet your mind. Releasing built-up tension can also help reduce anger and anxiety stored up in your body, improving your overall mental wellness, as well.

Some other benefits of kickboxing include:


Toned muscles in your legs, arms, shoulders, and back


Improved balance and flexibility


Increased heart health through cardio


Reduced stress and tension


Strengthened self-defense techniques


Improved self-esteem and confidence

Our experienced trainers will teach you new ways to engage with your body, build strength, and have fun on your path to wellness. We believe health should be available to anyone at any age and we make it our mission to help lead you there.

Learn more about our boxing and kickboxing classes in North Beach to move toward these benefits and more, while identifying your own personal body goals today.

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